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De-stress with Music and Dancing

What do you do to combat your stress? Taking a vacation may not be in the cards, but you can still escape from it all. Turn on the radio and shake your booty.

Music is a series of notes strung together to make pleasurable sounds. What one person finds pleasurable could sound like nails on the chalkboard to another. The best thing about music is that there is something for everyone. From hard rock to instrumental and everything in between, music is enjoyed by young and the young at heart.

We often attach memories to music—the first time we fall in love, our first dance, or a happy holiday. Music surrounds our life and listening to tunes that conjure up pleasant memories tends to relax us. If you don’t believe me, listen to some music that was popular when you were growing up.

This idea has been taken one step further with music therapy. The premise of music therapy is to relieve pain by moving to the beat of pleasurable songs. For each person, it’s different, but the results should be the same. Patients have experienced a reduction in their arthritis pain using music therapy.

If it works for arthritis it can also work for stress. Returning to a time when the stress didn’t exist is a way of letting go. For people who tend to bring work home with them or overanalyze a situation, music is a perfect way to take their minds off of their stressors.

music soothes even the wildest of animals
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Along with music is the art of the dance. You don’t have to dance with celebrities to gain the benefits of dancing to your favorite tunes. Dancing to music while doing housework makes the work less of a chore. And, you get a bit of exercise in the process which releases endorphins.

The next time you cook dinner or read the newspaper, turn on some music in the background. Inside of a few minutes you will be singing and tapping those feet. Remember not to burn dinner in the process.

Sing and bebop to music as you drive to work. Put your mind in the right frame to handle stress in a positive way. The music prepares us for we may face by relaxing our minds and not filling them with false scenarios before we even reach the door of our job.

Some people aren’t much for exercise as a stress reliever so you can dance instead. We won’t tell anyone that its exercise. Hopping around for ten minutes to your favorite song will get that heart rate up and keep you in shape.

Stop stress from ruining your day and your health. Use music and dancing to release yourself from the grip of stress and take back control of your life.

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