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Dear Drivers of Motorvehicles,

I know I never would have thought this would come up but we really need to talk.

… today as I was riding my bicycle to work we had a problem!

It all started as I was riding past the school.   I know you have very busy lives and you are in a hurry to get the kids safely to school and get off to work.

BUT you need to pay attention to the other people on the road.  You turned right in front of me!   This is a proper right turn and I was in my lane, you should not have been there as well.  It is NOT a merge lane, it is a solid line.  The rules of the road indicate that I have right away, ONLY turn when it is clear to do so.

Then as I came to “T” intersection you stopped right in the middle of the intersection.  *shakes head*  I am surprised the driver behind you didn’t smack right into you.

Truly, I appreciate that there are times that you see me and that you are willing to allow me to cross, but honestly it is never safe.

It is always best for YOU and ME to follow the rules of the road, just like I was another motorvehicle.  It is safer for you and for me.

I hope in the future we can continue with mutual understanding, respect  and sharing!

Thanks 🙂


Cyclist around the world

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