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Deep Zen Meditation can assist you with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of life. Previously, I discussed meditation and how it complemented your physical well being. The connection is somewhat of a stretch for those new to Zen Meditation. In this article I explore meditation and the mental side of your life.

There is no stretch here. There is, perhaps, more correlation between Deep Zen Meditation and mental well being, than any other bodily function. A big part of meditation is mind control.

Successful meditation is about how well you manipulate your mind. It’s not about letting your mind drift, it’s not controlled daydreaming, it’s not about thinking of one object, nor is it your ability to project your mind into another setting.

Most people don’t realize that meditation is about controlling the mind. It’s about your ability to fixate on a single thought. It’s about fixating on that thought for an extended period of time. It’s about not letting your mind drift away from that fixation. It’s about total focus on that one thought to the exclusion of everything else. It’s very hard to accomplish. That’s why teachers of Deep Zen Meditation say it takes years to perfect.

Just think about what it would be like to have total focus and control of your brain. There is no question that you could get more done in a day with total focus. We all try to multitask with little success. Most of us think multitasking makes us more productive. Studies show evidence to the contrary. Most of the time multitasking allows us to get insignificant tasks done to the exclusion of bigger tasks and far more important tasks.

Deep Zen Meditation and focus also improve the quality of our work. The quality of our work improves significantly when we totally focus on the project at hand. We have better thoughts. They are more centered on the task at hand and they are greater in number. This alone should make you interested in meditation.

Last, recall how long you can concentrate on a single subject. Most of us drift away in less than a minute. Think about the advantages if you could focus in blocks of time. What would happen if you could focus 30 minutes at a time, or maybe even 60 minutes at a time. It would be a hugh advantage.

So this topic is easy to draw the correlation between Deep Zen Meditation and mental well being.

Next, I will discuss the correlation between meditation and emotional well being.

Deep Zen Meditation is a great way to refresh our bodies and minds.By using your imagination, you can meditate anywhere. For more information about Deep Zen Meditation, click on the links here.

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