Digital Book Publishing

We understand that every author’s publishing destiny is a bit different from the next.  And we understand that sometimes you just need a little help to get you up and running.  This budget-friendly option ensures every aspiring author has the opportunity to share their message with a vast community of readers.

Working together, we will format your manuscript as an  digital book available for download on the Amazon Kindle. The this publishing package offers a professional and popular alternative to printed books and will help you launch your career as a published author.

Follow your Dreams and become an Author

  • ISBN Assignment
  • Custom Cover Design
  • Interior Book Design and Layout
  • Complimentary Author Copy
  • Digital Formatting and Distribution (e-book)

Journey On with Us

Use your dream of writing a book to propel you forward.  Follow your passions and share your message to the world efficiently and effectively.  Contact us below



What is ePub?

ePub is the file format your manuscript must be in order for it to be compatible with digital content devices. This allows for your book to be distributed and read on select electronic devices (e-readers).

What is an e-book reader and how will it benefit me?

E-book readers are wireless handheld devices capable of downloading an electronic version of a book and making it available for a customer to read anywhere without a physical copy of the book. Formatting physical books into e-books gives you as the author another avenue to connect with readers and give them the book they want in the format they want. Companies like Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Apple have the largest e-book stores in the nation giving readers access to hundreds of thousands of books.

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