Diva Challenge: 4 weeks of Abs – Plank

The last week of this challenge. How did you do?

I sure had some sore days, but overall I feel like my abs are much stronger.   I hope that you keep abs as part of your focus going forward.  Don’t forget to watch what you eat and get your cardio in.

This weeks exercise is the Plank.

Step 1 – Lie on your stomach.

Step 2 – Raise your body as if doing a pushup except rest your bodyweight on your elbows.

Your body should be in a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles with your weight resting on your toes and elbow. Keep your midsection braced and tight.
Hold this position for 10-20 seconds when beginning. Gradually try to build to 60 seconds.

This is a lot harder then you might think!


Thanks for joining us for this challenge, we will have another great challenge coming in a couple weeks, be sure to check back.

Week 1 – The Frog Crunch
Week 2 – The Bicycle
Week 3 – The Vertical Crunch

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