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Diva of the Month December 2009 – Jill Koenig

jill-koenigJill Koenig (www.GoalGuru.com) is America’s Top Goal Strategist, a world-class coach, author and motivational speaker. Jill’s life portrays an inspiring rags to riches story, from growing up in poverty to starting a company from her bedroom with $100 at the age of 25, becoming a self made millionaire by 30 and generating revenue of $25 million dollars.

Jill’s life has been dedicated to sharing with others the transformative Power of Goals through her books, audio programs, coaching and live events. In her first audio program, The Time Commandments! she examines how to gain control of your time and run your day instead of your day running you by utilizing 10 powerful time management strategies. In her next audio program, New Year, New Life! she reveals powerful strategies for success in the New Year. She founded the world’s only online international educational institution with the sole purpose of teaching Goal Achieving and life design skills, Goal University, which serves students in 49 countries, including entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies. In her upcoming book Goal Rush! (early 2008 release), she reveals how to tap into the dynamic power of momentum by utilizing her trademark “Goal Rush” approach to creating fast results towards any goal.

In December, 2007 her company GoalGuru.com conducted a study on the subject of New Year’s Resolutions and compiled the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2008, along with the most common Roadblocks that prevent us from achieving them. Her research uncovered a critical missing piece within the American educational system, lack of instruction on Goal Setting. Her research can be found in the report The Resolution Roadmap, 12 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals this Year and Making 2008 Great!

A media favorite, Jill has appeared in over 250 television and radio interviews, is a syndicated columnist for the American Chronicle, as well as an expert contributor to dozens of personal development magazines and web sites.

Jill is a sought-after speaker and expert on New Year’s Resolutions, goal setting, life balance, time management, entrepreneurship and business success. Her passion in life is helping others unleash their untapped potential. She is the founder of GoalGuru.com, a personal development company based in Chicago, where she works, lives and plays.


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