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Diva of the Month July 2009 – Danette Hibberd

Danette is a woman of many talents and a great inspirations to me personal, turning 40 next year I am more excited about the new adventures and exciting things I can create in my life in the next 40 years!

Inspirational Lifestyle Speaker

Never afraid of jumping feet-first into new challenges, Danette is an inspiring transformational speaker, believing that life is about choices and not chances. Her passion is to inspire and motivate her audiences to awaken and manifest their desires, and make lasting changes.

Her focus is on helping women, particularly those beyond forty effectively manage and overcome mid-life challenges, with not only motivation and inspiration, but with education and support, encouraging and empowering women to look after their own emotional well-being and happiness: to allow them to find their unique Fabulousness.

Inspiring women of all ages to take that gigantic step out of their comfort zone, and begin to awaken, manifest and ultimately achieve the life they desire, Danette’s purpose is for each and every woman to truly Find, Flaunt and Fulfill the Goddess in them.

Main Areas: Author, Motivational Speaker, Personal Development Professional, NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Trainer, Success Coach
Best Sellers: The Path to Success, Soon to be – How to Find the Goddess in You, How to Flaunt the Goddess in You, How to Fulfill the Goddess in You
Career Focus: Author, Speaker, Personal Development Professional, Business Owner, Networker
Affiliation: Women Connect

Being a wife and mother,fitness instructor and executive assistant in the corporate world, Danette added Author, Speaker, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer, Wellness Coach, Motivational Mentor and founder of www.fabat40.com and www.FabulousBeyondForty.com, all in her 49th year. She discovered that she had a choice in life – remain in her comfort zone, or follow her dreams.

You can guess which path she chose and today her life is a celebration.

Danette has co-authored a book with Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer, Arielle Ford and other great international authors titled The Path to Success as well as releasing the first three books of a seven part series titled “How to Find, Flaunt and Fulfill the Goddess in You.”

Being a Personal Development Professional, Danette’s passion is to inspire, motivate and educate all women beyond forty to awaken, manifest and achieve the goddess in them. After all, each and every one of us deserves to live the life we love.

Being founder and CEO of Fabulous Beyond Forty Club and Women Connect, she provides the setting for women to connect around the globe, to share, network, promote, grow, be supported, be inspired – but most of all – have fun. See www.WomenConnect.ning.com for more on Women Connect.

Visit www.FabulousBeyondFortyClub.com, the largest online success portal for women to enable you to “Harness Your Potential As A Mid-Life Entrepreneur – And As A Woman!” to download your five free gifts and begin taking you on your journey to success.


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