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Do you go insane during the holidays?

The holiday season is supposed to the time to relax, enjoy family and experience the blessings of our lives. Unfortunately, the holidays can also be incredibly stressful and upsetting.   There are a lot of reasons that this can be stressful for you and whether your particular reason… it is validate and important.

But you don’t need to feel this way, you can make a change.  You just need to decide!  Decide that you would rather be happy than stressed.

It is true, there are many things and a LOT of people that are bad for you… they might even be toxic.  You need to create boundaries about the situations and people to remain centered and calm.

Even the people you enjoy being around can cause you stress and anxiety at times. With that in mind, decide before the holidays arrive what you’ll be doing and stick to it. Choose to decide your schedule for yourself, rather than letting others dictate your holiday plans.


You Really Don’t Have to Do It All

Do you assume that you have to do everything to ensure the holidays are perfect? If so, ask yourself, “Why do the holidays have to be perfect, anyway?” How can you enjoy a fun filled holiday season, even if it’s a little imperfect and messy? Some of the best and most endearing memories are those brought about by imperfection.

  • Figure out a game plan ahead of time. If you think through your holiday plans beforehand, you can create a richer experience by focusing on the activities that mean the most to you instead of getting distracted by all of the busyness around you.
  • Delegate. Ask people to help you and enlist them in the holiday cheer and goodwill. Most people will be happy to help. Everyone could pitch in and do their share. Gently, but firmly, request the assistance you need.

Many times, family and friends mean well, but they just keep doing things the way they always have. If you’ve always done everything, they’ll expect that each year. It’s time to make the change, and start getting the help you need to make the holiday great while remaining happy and productive.

Remember the Less Fortunate During the Holidays

There are people all around us who struggle through life. Help the less fortunate know that they’re loved and cared for. If you’re religious, you can pray for them. You can visit sick children, bring cheer to elderly adults, and donate money, time or items to charities that you care about. This can really help you to put things into perspective.

It’s not always about what you get, but often about what you give, that really matters during the holiday season. If you keep that in mind and give what’s in your heart, you’ll be well ahead on the happiness scale, even when things get stressed.


Keep the Big Picture in Mind

Attitude is the one thing you truly have control over. People may aggravate you and stress you out, and things may go wrong, but you can control how you respond. Pay close attention to how you’re reacting. If you see that you’re getting stressed and upset, take some time to regroup and recharge so you’re ready to face the holidays again with peace and joy.

When you focus on the big picture, and what really matters, stress over the trivial things will melt away, enabling you to fill your holidays with meaningful memories of the season.

I think this is the perfect time to really practice your de-stressing, Discover How to Dial Down your Stress and Balance your Life in 15 Minutes a Day!  Check it out here!

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3 thoughts on “Do you go insane during the holidays?

  1. The holidays are in full swing for me already. We had family Chanukah last night at my sister’s. I got to do things that make me really happy. I cooked latkes for two hours. I bought lovely inexpensive trinkets (pins, earrings) for my family from a local artisan (who gave me 20% off for buying eight gifts at once), and combined those gifts with homemade (by me) toothpowder for everyone.

    I set a low bar. Show up. Be of service. Be open to the moment (hysterical laughter when the homemade kombucha I gave my nephew exploded all over the kitchen). Be gracious and grateful. Accept the gifts given (including the ridiculous rubber chicken my daughter gave me) as expressions of their love for me.

    Thanks for your lovely supportive article.

    Love and light,

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