Sacred Sanctuary

Do you know how to use your Inner Guidance?

by backroadsshutterbug

I am always reading… new and interesting things.  I often say that I am a sponge!

The topics vary greatly! business to self help to metaphysical. I very much enjoy the emotional, physical, intellectual journey that I can take when reading.

I came across a very interesting book called “Inner Guidance Development”.  I definitely felt this good was for people that had newly decided to open themselves up to metaphysical “stuff”.

There were so many things that rang very true to me personally…

If you are meant to develop your abilities in this lifetime, you will most likely have a general
interest or curiosity in the metaphysical realm of existence or Spirit World. You will probably
start reading books on various metaphysical topics (crystals, reincarnation, Atlantis, healing,
card reading, numerology, meditation, out-of-body experiences, dowsing, Edgar Cayce, auras).
You might also choose to investigate various philosophies or religions such as Buddhism or Wicca.
Most people will find they have an interest in receiving readings.

wow wow… that so describes the reading I have been doing.

There is a lot of introductory information for someone starting down the learning path.  Very simple to ready and to start your personal practice.

The area that was a big “aha” for me was the “Inner Guidance Sanctuary”.  I talk all the time about creating a sanctuary in the physical world, but I didn’t realize the importance of creating one in the spiritual world.  I have always had one, a beautiful meadow with wild flowers and a big oak three to seat under, I called it my “happy place”.  But more then just creating a place to “hide” from the physical world, your inner sanctuary needs to be a place for personal growth and guidance this is what struck home to me!

I thought that you might also enjoying reading this book.  If you are new it is a great place to start, if you have been studying for awhile it is a nice refresher of the basics.

Enjoy reading it!Click here to view Inner Guidance

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