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Easiest Fresh Food to Grow

Easy to grow sprouts

Sprouts are easy to store, easy to grow, and pack in vitamins and minerals your body would need them the most. All you need is a couple of simple supplies and you are good to go.

I have grown them for years with great success, simply using a kitchen light.

Amazon carries everything you need: (this is easy because they are shipped to your door)

  1. Mason Jars
  2. Sprouting Strainer Lid
  3. Sprouts

More often then not you have everything you need already in your pantry.  You can pick up some really cool Fancy Trays from Amazon.

A more frugal way would be:

  1. Mason Jars from a garage sale – cleaned well.
  2. Screen- cut a piece of screen to fit on the jar ring
  3. Sprouts from your local bulk or health food store

Simple  start growing them now, so you are in good practice.  They take about 5 days, so start a new batch every 4 days.  You will always have some on hand.   There are I am sure 100 different salad recipes you can use.  The more natural and the more fresh grown veggies the better for you always an added bonus.

Here is a quick how to sprout:


Place them in a jar, rinse and drain. Fill with spring or filtered water, about 2–3 inches above seeds. Soak overnight, approximately eight hours. After eight hours, drain water.


Rinse soaked seeds. Place jars, with the screen/cheese cloth securely fashioned on top, on a rack or in a bowl (mouth down) at a 45 degree angle so it can continue to drain and allow air to circulate. I used a kitchen plate drying rack to hold the jars at the proper angle. Cover with a towel to keep dark for the first couple of days. This will ensure germination. Rinse and drain 2–3 times a day.


To harvest grains and legumes, just rinse and serve. Refrigerate all sprouts after they are fully sprouted to maintain freshness. They will last 5–7 days when refrigerated.

Now find a really awesome recipe or just add them to the top of your every day salad and you are good to go.


Photo Credit: By allspice1

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