Easiest Way to Install Google Analytics

Having statistics for your website is a high priority if you are a business.  You want to know where people are coming from to track if you advertising dollars are paying off.  You can also see what information people are looking for most often. Statistics answer the big questions, who, when, where, what.

Why would you want to use Google Analytics? or What data can you actually gather?  Check out the Analytics Tour

Step 1. Create an Google Analytics account.  Google Analytics Signup

You can find a GREAT step-by-step Tutorial on how to set up your Google Analytics over on Flyte Blog

Step 2. Install and Activate an Analytics plugin, I recommend WP Google Analytics

Step 3. Configure the plugin.  If you are using WP Google Analytics  Setting >> Google Analytics, Paste your Code from Google and configure your options.   For other plugins, follow there instructions on configuration.

If this is the first time working with Google Analytics and setting up accounts, plan to spend 30 minutes getting ready and set up.  Once you have completed the initial setup, new webistes will take a few short minutes.

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