Easy Permanent Lifestyle Changes

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I have come to be a true believer in a particular method of life changes. It is one that I found to be easy to start and most importantly easy to make a permanent fixture in my life.

Tell me what is the first feeling that happens to you when someone says you NEED to change… fear, anger, dread? just to name a few I am sure. Me, I am always eager to change, my personal struggle is how to make the change stick. I am good for a couple days… maybe even a couple weeks.. then I fall. Here are a few things that I use regularly to help me make permanent change in my life.

1. Never take away… always add. The hardest part of being human is someone telling us we CAN NOT have or do something. I totally feel this one, I am independent strong woman and YOU can not tell me not to do something. 🙂 So don’t do it. For example you want to get healthier and start eating better. So for a minute forget about those cookies… think about how you can ADD healthier food. Can you eat an apple or salad everyday in additional to what you are eating now? Sure that is easy right. Pick you favorite apple *mine is granny smith* and eat that for a snack around 10am or 3pm. How easy is that! Now twice a week have a salad for lunch. If you do this everyday for the next year, you will have increased your health sufficiently! Congrats!

2. Create a system or a routine. Let’s face it we humans function best when we have set systems and rituals.  So let’s work with our nature!  I always forget to floss my teeth, I was always getting a lecture from the dentist every time I went. 🙁  So I had to create a system/ritual that would create the habit of flossing without me having to try and remember everyday. I already had a routine of getting out of bed, going to the bathroom and then brushing my teeth… good but what about the flossing.  Easy when I took the toothpaste out of the drawer, I also took the floss out and left it on the counter until I flossed my teeth and then put it away.   I LINKED flossing my teeth to an existing routine.  This has worked easily for me.   The trick is to set up for yourself visual clues that will remind you to take action on the new task.

These are just a couple of ways to easily make changes, that can make changes easy and successful!

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