Life Balance eCoaching: Simple Flexible Coaching for Busy Women

 If you’re stressed, overwhelmed and at the end of your rope trying to keep up with all the moving pieces (and people!) in your life – and it shows no sign of changing anytime in the near future, don’t worry: Help is on the way.

  • You know that you should find more “work/life balance”
  • You know that you should take better care of your body and your mind
  • You know that you should have some greater purpose in life
  • What the heck does it all mean?

Our lives can become chaotic, busy, confusing, packed with choices and decisions. We get caught up in the overwhelm of day-to-day problems and the demands of going to work, running the business, paying the bills, caring for our families and just getting through the day — only to have tomorrow be a repeat of yesterday. There never seems to be enough time.

Where do you begin?

Your balanced life begins with learning about your five essential needs – needs which, left unmet, can’t help but create a life that’s hard to manage and full of overwhelm.

These essential needs are:

  • Simple daily habits – they help you manage what needs to get done and feel like you’re consistently “winning” at life
  • Dialing down the stress – learning to set healthy boundaries and forgive yourself for not being perfect lifts the weight of the world off your shoulders
  • Creating personal wellbeing – honoring your spiritual needs and developing strong inner beliefs helps you feel sure of yourself and your place in the world
  • Nurturing yourself – creating time to take care of yourself and center helps you feel at peace no matter what the day brings
  • Creating support systems – working with the people you care about to make time for yourself and for them finally gives you the balance you need to breathe easier


Life balance is closer than you think –
Let’s get you the support you need


As you move through these essential areas, the “weight of the world” will begin to lift off your shoulders, and you’ll learn how life can become less stressful, more fulfilling and so much more satisfying than it’s been in a long time.

Here’s how it works

Each month we work through a topic. Together we create a plan that is customized for you, but that is structured, has a lot of support tools and guidance and most importantly is inspirational and motivational.

What do I get exactly?

  • Up to One email per day per month (responses with in 24 hours Monday – Thursday excluding holidays)
  • A weekly summary that shows exactly where you are and what you have accomplished so far
  • Customized weekly focus sheet that will move you towards greater clarity and self awareness
  • Thought-provoking questions/exercises designed to get you thinking about your issue from new angles
  • Accountability and structure for moving forward
  • A fresh set of eyes, and a new perspective of your situation
  • A coaching platform that will challenge you to go deeper than you would on your own

Specific benefits for you are:

  • You can work at your own pace – no meetings, no appointments, no close deadlines.
  • Send your query at any time of the day or night
  • You’re never “on the spot”. You can think things through at your leisure.
  • Unlike phone coaching – you can keep your coaching emails for future reference.
  • There is never an issue with time or location, you can email from any where with internet access


Ready to dial down the stress, make time for yourself
(without the guilt!), and get the support you need?
Here’s how to do it

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