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If you’ve learned nothing from reading this book, we hope you realize and understand that there is NO WAY to completely eliminate stress from your life.  What you can do is to learn how to make that stress work FOR you.

Stress management isn’t as difficult as it might actually seem.  However, we can’t emphasize this next point enough.  If you think you have too much stress in your life, it may be helpful to talk with your doctor, spiritual advisor, or local mental health association. Because reactions to stress can be a factor in depression, anxiety and other disorders, they may suggest that you visit with a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or other qualified counselor.

We don’t want to present ourselves as medical professionals.  All we want to do is give you some tools to implement in your life to help you better cope with those things that make us overwhelmed and feel out of control.

You may also want to look into time management tools in order to get rid of some of your stressors.  When we feel like we don’t have enough time to do the things that need to be done, that creates more stress and can lead to anxiety which, believe me, you don’t want to have!

Stress management tips are simple cost effective methods to effectively check stress. They can be practiced anywhere and at anytime.  Well, almost!

If you feel you are in need of help, do not hesitate. You might not be correct always.  The cause of your stress might be for no reason at all. But it might be physical in its roots.  Someone else might be able to solve it easily. Understand your limitations and it can relieve stress to a large extent.

Stress is a normal part of life. In small quantities, stress is good — it can motivate you and help you be more productive. However, too much stress, or a strong response to stress, is harmful.

It can set you up for general poor health as well as specific physical or psychological illnesses like infection, heart disease, or depression. Persistent and unrelenting stress often leads to anxiety and unhealthy behaviors like overeating and abuse of alcohol or drugs.

Just like causes of stress differ from person to person, what relieves stress is not the same for everyone. In general, however, making certain lifestyle changes as well as finding healthy, enjoyable ways to cope with stress helps most people.  I hope that I’ve given you some great ways of dealing with the stress that we all feel!

Above all, remember that you are in no way alone in this battle.  There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who feel overwhelmed and nearly completely out of control.  That’s why we wanted to give you this book.  So you can find peace within yourself and realize that we’re all on this big blue marble for a reason.

You are too!  Enjoy it and live life to its fullest.  And when you feel yourself stressed out or beset with a panic attack, relax, breathe through it, and know that there are many, many people who know exactly how you feel.

I like Bobby McFarrin’s philosophy best of all – “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”

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