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Emergency Kit For Car

Living in a rural setting means you are often on the road in dangerous road and weather conditions.  Just driving from town to my house there is very little cell service so if something did happen I would have to spend some time on the road side waiting for a vehicle to go by before I could get assistance.

“Organize, don’t agonize.” ― Nancy Pelosi

It is actually very easy to be prepared for such an event.  A few items in your car will make a few hours or even over night much more comfortable.

  1. Case of bottled water
  2. Warm Blankets
  3. Extra clothes and shoes/boots
  4. Food that won’t spoil, such as dried fruit and canned goods
  5. Manual can opener and basic eating utensils (pop-up cans are better if you can find them)
  6. Flashlight and extra batteries
  7. Whistle and Compass
  8. Water-proof matches
  9. Rain Gear
  10. Toilet paper and other personal care supplies
  11. Knife (a Swiss army knife is excellent for emergencies)
  12. First aid kit
  13. Some small bills and coins
  14. Small shovel
  15. Jumper cables
  16. Antifreeze/windshield washer fluid
  17. Road flares
  18. List of emergency contact numbers

Add a tote to the back of the vehicle to hold all your items and always be prepared.

Here is a quick Spreadsheet to help you along the way: Click Here

I would recommend reviewing your list and rotating your food stuffs every 6 months. This ensures if you used something and forgot to replace it and to make sure your food is always high quality. . My kit is almost ready, a couple more things and I am set.  It is always better to be safe, than sorry.


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One thought on “Emergency Kit For Car

  1. again; the importance of a blow out kit is olny oeuwtighed by the importance of having it when its needed. That means not at home, in the station, or in your vehicle. It means having it on your person. You don’t have the luxuary of planning when your crisis will occur nor where. Likely it is going to occur when and where you can’t get to that safe place youv’e imagined. On that thought, plan to carry a some kit essentials on your person regularly. Have and not need is always a better way to travel!

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