Emergency Survival Shelter


Most families are extremely busy these days, which means that a number of things can be overlooked. Most people don’t realize that they may need an emergency survival shelter at some point. While most people are more concerned about having food and water when a natural disaster hits, it’s important to realize that humans can survive up to several weeks without eating food, but can only live for a few hours without shelter. Here are some steps for building your emergency survival shelter that you’ll definitely want to know.

First, you should decide where you want to build your survival shelter. It should be in a safe place, and accessible to rescue teams and search parties. make sure that the emergency survival shelter is not completely hidden, so that you’ll be able to see if search teams are looking for you by air or on foot. There should be enough room around the shelter for you to build a fire in order to keep your family warm, and to create fire signals that will help rescue teams to see your shelter.

You should also construct your emergency survival shelter in a place where you will have access to water. While you will most likely have a few day’s worth of water in your survival kit, you won’t know how long you’ll have to be in the shelter until you are rescued. The shelter should be close enough to the water for you to bathe and drink, but you should make sure that you stay away from rising water. Rising water means that insects are nearby, and these insects breed disease, so keep your family as far away from unhealthy situations as possible.

Next, it’s time to figure out the shape and design of the shelter. After you choose the location, design the emergency survival shelter so that you and your family can stay there for as long as possible. You can choose an easy lean-to design that is made from weaker materials, or you can work with a professional builder to come up with a cavern shelter that has the right type of ventilation. The lean-to designs are the quickest to construct, and you’ll need to follow the same basic design you would for putting up a tent. Make sure that you have supplies like a waterproof canvas and that the ends of the canvas are properly anchored so that you and your family will be protected by wind and rain.

Your emergency survival shelter should also be stocked with all the supplies that you will need until you are rescued. Perishable food items should be inside the tent at all times, and don’t forget to make a first aid kit that is stocked for emergencies only. For more information on how to create a survival shelter, visit the websites for the National Guard or the American Red Cross.

Photo Credit and a lot more info at Wilderness Survival Shelters.net

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