Encourage and Reward Comments

encourage and reward comments

encourage and reward comments

Engaging Readers Through Content

This is the most important step.  You want more interaction. Start with Awesome Content. Ask Open Questions People love to give their opinion and share their knowledge on specific topics. Give them the opportunity to do so by asking open questions.  You’ll get more feedback from this than from inspiration posts or simple articles, and maybe you’ll learn something as well.

Managing Comments

Keep comments under control, and be brutal with spam.

Reply to Comments Visitors who make the effort to leave a comment appreciate recognition. Reply to all comments, encourage and show you care and it increases the likelihood of future interaction with readers.

Fight Spam Set up Akismet on your blog. The plug-in will rid your blog of most spam and save you time on moderating.

Reward Engagement

My Favorite way to do this is with the plugin CommentLuv.

CommentLuv is a popular WordPress plugin that will magnetize your readers, socialize your comments and vitalize your posts!

CommentLuv, looks at the reader/commenter RSS from your website and then pulls the latest blog post (for the free version) or a list of the last 10 (for the paid version).  This allows for a link from your blog where a reader is commenting, back to their blog.   Big reward. When you first land on a site with CommentLuv you will see this:

Commentluv Check

Now when your reader/commenter fills in their website info they will see one option for free or more for paid like this: Commentluv with feed

This is a super plugin to install, I recommend adding it now.  Then stop back and let us know how it goes.




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2 thoughts on “Encourage and Reward Comments

  1. I know what you mean about waking up in the mildde of the night with ideas! I am there with you as a fellow blogger, haha. You are right, it can be so consuming but it is important to not lose track of time when you’re working on it (I am still guilty of doing that).Anna recently posted..

  2. I use Googles free tools as much as I can. It’s a no-brainer, I don’t understand why so many don’t use what they give you. About your split test, I was worinndeg if you have ever tested a video + text sales page. I have seen some like that where it appears to be just a video page but the text sales copy is below the fold.It might pull better than just video. Or maybe not. Just thinking some people like video and some text. If you have both maybe you would pull a higher rate than one or the other.Darren Dillman recently posted..

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