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Even more Focus

Clearer then eve focus! I was thinking about the “business” coaching and how it fits into the whole puzzle.

The MAIN focus is on passion, authenticity and integrity. The MAIN audience is holistic practitioners, (which is still a pretty big group, that includes health & wellness, energy worker, light worker, and many, many, many more)

My personal strengths are “web” & “digital” stuff. Although this seems board, it is what I love to do! Right now I am having a lot of fun with WordPress class at the college. I love learning new things about it, it is always changing and improving. There are so many interesting things you can customize.

Although I am creating a library of articles on all things digital on Holistic Business Center, I am going to start focusing on wordpress and social media integration.

Cos I think that is where I will have the most fun and SOOOO many people have questions about it!

Off to create more WordPress how to articles!

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