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Everyone goes so enjoy the go!

I am sure that you have seen those cute Charmin commercials… right, the little bear always says “we all go, why not enjoy the go?”

so you might be wondering why the heck I am talking about “going” well here is the story.

In our journey to create our retreat center, we are reno’ing the main house …well from scratch really.  We started the process in the summer, the process has been steady but slow.  During the summer and fall months we were living and working in the city and then traveling out on the weekends.   Now that fall/winter has set in it was not practical to continue the commute.  We are at the mountain property full time now.

But the house is not done yet and now we are moving into winter.  So we have no choice right now to continue to use an outhouse.   Yep that is exactly what I said, an outhouse.

Here is the outhouse that came with the property… as you can see it has been here for years and to be brutally honest…. it is full (use your imagination 😛 )

Part of our plans for the retreat center is to have cabins and RV camping so we need a new outhouse for guests plus we anticipate that we will be without facilities for a few more months.  So we needed a new place.

We selected a temporary spot for the winter that is easy to get to from the little cabin we are staying now, we can easily move this to a more permanent spot in the spring.

We now have the tallest outhouse in town  LOL   You can’t tell with the snow, but the roof is in the same tin as the house.   I must admit, if I am going to use an outhouse all winter, this one is pretty darn nice.

I know really that I shouldn’t be so excited about an outhouse and I know that this might be a little tooo much info, but it is life right now in my house.  The journey of creating a retreat center, the journey of creating a homestead/hobby farm, the journey of getting back to nature.

Enjoy the Go!

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