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Extreme Stress

By kroszk@

It has been a crazy couple days for me… working on a project on location in a hospital with about 100 other people. As you might imagine, there is extra stress because we are working in a health care situation. Now start adding up the amount of people, technology upgrades and working 36 hours with 3-4 hours of sleep each.

I personally felt myself feeling the pressure yesterday. At the time, in the middle of the storm when fuses are short and sleep deprivation is setting in… I reached my frustration limit. And as always hind sight is 20/20 🙂

So what can I do to increase my level of calm and keep it during extreme stress situations?

I know logically you can’t always see yourself creeping to that point until you have crashed over the edge. So what plan can I put in place to help me avoid this situation in the future. I know that I am going to be in this exact situation five more times in the next 18 months, so I want to prepare now.

My plan is two fold, ongoing and during a situation.


  • get consistent with my meditation – 30 minutes a day
  • get consistent with my yoga practice – 3 x week
  • create a music list of very specific songs – use on a consistent basis to teach my body relaxation habit

Next Trip

  • make sure to get extra sleep the week leading up to the trip
  • extra sleep on the trip is unlikely so sneak away for 10-15 every 4 hours for meditation
  • eat regularly and excellent food
  • take a 5 walk or yoga poses every couple hours

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