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You have heard me talking a lot about goals, steps and systems lately, I have been really focused on creating my new Passionate Foundations Goals Mentoring program.

I was reading Christine Kane’s newsletter last night and she happen to write an article on goals as well. In The Hopeless Romantic’s Guide to Accomplishing Anything she breaks it down for you.

Anyone can accomplish goals by breaking it down, creating systems, focusing attention and practicing faith!

I was reminded, FAITH!

I sometimes get really caught up in the practical step-by-step processes to get a task done, that I forget the simple believe that we can accomplish the goal ahead.   It really is important!  It is just as important as picking the goal.  If you personally do not have the belief and faith in your goal, nothing will be accomplished successfully.

On my book shelve sits a little pink heart pillow on a picture frame with the word FAITH embowered on it. I must remember to walk past there I little more often.

You and I can accomplish many great things with faith in ourselves and each other!

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