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So for those of you who are thinking of having coaching supplied by Lori, I thought I would give you some of my thoughts on the experience I have had with her.

I will get on to what I do in a bit but first I wanted to cover a few of the things Lori did for me.

Honestly I can tell you that Lori did nothing for me, she never made me do anything, she never actually attended an interview for me, she did not call up her contacts to get me a better job, what she did do was have unwavering faith in my abilities, helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses and then helped me work on my weaknesses so that they were more in line with my strengths. Trust me, she is far more patient that I am, if I had been my own client I would probably have given up on myself, and that is where a lot of us are, we are just so tired of where we are, that we don’t have the energy or inclination to change it.

So do I have the ideal job, well there are a lot of people in the world that would think I don’t, that I am mad to work the hours I do in the place I do. In point of fact, it is ideal for me. I went from a job I hated with high stress, to one I love with no stress, and they are paying me triple what I was getting, so yes I love what I am doing and I blame Lori for it.

Would I recommend Lori to you, no I would not, cos I want her all for myself, but do I think you will benefit from the guidance she will provide, most definitely.

Anyone who knows her will be able to testify to her abilities. Should you wish to know more about me personally, talk to Lori, she will be more than willing to pass along my e-mail address to you.

Make the choice to change your life, no one else can.

Thanks again Lori



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After spending thankless years in the auto repair industry, I had the great fortune of having a conversation with Lori Lynn Smith. Little did I know that this pivotal conversation would end up changing not only my career path, but my life on many levels. During this single casual conversation, Lori had the ability to put a lot of my fears of changing careers into a different mindset and to encourage me to change my career path into the desired IT world. I had been playing around with computers for years and Lori was able to see and convince me that I already had the skillset to enter into this field. Something no one else had taken the time to do… or understood that it needed to be done. Within months, I had an a+ computer ticket and although Lori promised me nothing, I was able to get an interview for my very first IT job. She recused herself from the interview so that I would get the job on my own merit. I did get the job and eventually ended up as one of Lori’s reports. Lori was a very good boss, leader and mentor. She seemed to know exactly which people needed to train me in order to benefit not only the company, but myself as well. I believe Lori has an innate ability to see what is needed and how to fulfill that need without anyone even realizing there was a need in the first place.

I would have to say that Lori Lynn Smith is one of the most influential people that have entered my life. Here I am, some 15 years later, and over 50 and still happy about the career change, and all the skill I have learned along the way.

Thanks Lori!!!

Darren Randles


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