From the Dark into the Light

Walking along the beach, I feel the sand between my toes.  The waves splash rhythmically, the birds swoop and dive like fighter jets.  The sun warms my face and created a warm comfortable glow around me.

It is hard to believe that I have been here two years now.  It seems like only yesterday really.

I have been working on my personal journey from the darkness of stress, overwork, and self imposed purgatory for more than five years.

There were some very dark days in the past… days where I was worried that I would never see the light of day again.  I truly contemplated where or not it was worth it.  In the end I was sacred, scared to even move let alone “end things.”

Somewhere along the path, I had created a life, I had taken care of my kids, I had even found myself moderately successful, but it was awful.  I would literally spend 15 minutes in my car every morning crying and wishing for it to end.

The Universe Talks

Thank the universe for the bad economy, the company I was working for ran into some trouble and their contact ended. Rather than moving to the new company I took the opportunity to jump the old corporate ship.  Now I was truly on a journey to “fix” me.

From this point on, I was slowly able to build my life up, to a place of ultimate joy and happiness.  I was able to remove all those things that were getting in the way, bad relationships, bad jobs, bad habits.

Fast forward 3 years, I am again at that tipping point of something amazing.  You know how you can sense these things before they happen?  After spending some time not working I was ready to go back to work, to create a solid foundation for my family while having the freedom to follow my passions.

On a whim I spread my job search into the neighboring provinces, thinking a little about better weather, thinking a lot about a fresh new start and truly looking for a place that would nurture my soul.

The Universe takes control

As if the universe had suddenly taken over the planning, I received a call.  The call was a request for an interview in the next province and we happened to be traveling there at the same time for a family event.  The interview went well, the vacation was perfect timing to determine if it would be a place that everyone would enjoy living.

The job offer came a week later, with a start date exactly one month after the interview and one month after that we were moved.  It was definitely a whirl wind of a few months and it took the full year to really settle in and appreciate the impact. To see just exactly how everything in the universe aligned perfectly to take me to the next level of my journey.

Now whenever I need to I can make my way to the sunny sandy beaches and breathe in the tranquility of my life, the life the I have purposefully designed to keep my feet on the path to a more balanced life.

Photo Credit: Alana Krushen Photography


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