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Get in touch with your higher self

Nowadays, we are too busy in our daily activities. We even forget who we really are. We really need to find some time for ourselves; get in touch with our higher self. There are two ways you can do this.

The first is nature. Find yourself some spare time every week, and take a walk in the park, or go to the forest. Listen to the sound of nature, and feel the power of it. See the greenness of this beautiful nature, and enjoy being with it. Feel that you are safe, and you are close to Mother Nature.

The second way you can get in touch with your higher self is through meditation. There is too much misconception about meditation, and people tend to make it really complicated. Meditation is easy to do, and everyone can do it. The simplest way is to just sit quietly, and count your breath. Whenever you attention goes away, bring it back to your breath.

The purpose of meditation is to clear your conscious mind, so that you can get in touch with your subconscious mind. There are some advanced meditation techniques that can manifest your desires fast.

Breathing Meditation
Close your eyes and observe how you breathe.
Is your breath caught up in your chest or does it go deep down into your abdomen?

Practice Exercise

  • Step 1. Lie on the ground or sit in a position where your spine is straight.
  • Step 2. Tense all the muscles in your body completely as you inhale.
  • Concentrate on the tension and hold tight for eight to ten seconds. Gradually let the muscles go as you exhale and feel the contrast. Try to let go and relax totally. Repeat two to three times.
  • Step 3. Exhale completely.
  • Step 4. To check whether you are breathing into your lower abdomen, place one hand on your chest and the other on the abdomen below the navel.
  • Step 5. Inhale and see which hand moves the most. If your breathing is efficient, the lower hand should move the most.
  • To ensure that you have understood lower abdominal breathing:
  • Step 6. Inhale very, very slowly, allowing the breath to enter effortlessly through your nose. At the same time, push out your abdomen as though you were blowing up a balloon in your belly. Move your chest as little as possible.
  • Step 7. After your abdomen is stretched, expand your chest with air. This fills up the middle part of your lungs. Hold the breath for about five seconds and then slowly begin to exhale. As you do so, let your abdomen fall and relax.

Repeat this for twenty breaths. Focus your attention on the movement of your abdomen as you inhale and exhale.
As you continue to do this regularly, you will have to put less effort into expanding your abdomen — your breath will do that for you. After a while, lower abdominal breathing will become second nature. If you practice it each day while lying down, it will become easier to do it even when going about routine tasks in the house, at work, or in the street.
Become aware of when your breath gets caught up in your chest. When this happens, consciously drop your shoulders and place a hand on your lower abdomen, and breathe into this area, allowing your abdomen to expand. Then exhale, with a feeling of letting go.

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