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Getting back to training after an injury

October 2009, I was having a conversation which lead to us deciding to do a Triathlon!

Six months later and most of the way there in both the cycling and running I decided maybe I better get into the swimming. I could swim enough to not drowned but my technical skills with, well no existent really. That is okay, I was smart enough to seek out some expert advice. Halfway through my swimming lessons I strained a muscle in my neck. After weeks of chiro and massage, it was decided it was most like a pre-existing condition that was stressed by my new workout schedule.

August 2010, I stood on the starting line, ready to go. Injured and definitely not strong enough, I was determined to be there! I didn’t finish the race, but it was an amazing personal growth experience for me. Then I started to process of getting back to healthy. Regular visits for chiro, physio and massage have helped a lot and some orthotics should really get me moving in the right direction.

So now comes time to implement a system that allows me to train full on and stay injury free.

Ice – Ice is my friend and I use it almost daily to keep swelling down. It is generally recommended to practice R.I.C.E. at intervals of 4 to 6 hours for up to 48 hours after an injury.

Change up your routine – I am not currently running, so I am going to be focusing on swimming and cycling.  There are hundreds of different ways you can exercise, this is a chance to try something new, while you recover completely.
Go Slowly – If you are anything like me, this is the one you hate the most!  but let’s face it, it is true.  You have to regain your strength and endurance.
Proper Warm up and Cool Down – Always start out slowly, get the blood fulling and warm up your muscles.  I know it is easy to jump into so you can get it over and done, but it not worth re-injuring yourself.
Once you got the okay from your health care professional, get your butt in gear.  There is really no reason to stay out of the game.   For me 140 days until the next triathlon.
Good luck with your journey to fitness!

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