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I love out host.  Kickass Support and a lot of freedom.   Hireahit.com specializes in Managed WordPress Hosting.

What is Managed WordPress?

What do we mean by Managed WordPress? Well, it’s pretty simple: You’re in control of your site, but we take care of installation, we automatically upgrade, security patches and various other technical details.

We install the latest version of WordPress, a couple dozen useful plug-ins, and maybe a paid theme or two that aren’t freely available to the public.

All of the components we provide are tested to work together and to work on our servers. We also automatically upgrade all of the components that we install so you don’t have to worry about upgrading. However, you’re not limited to the components we choose, you’re free to install absolutely any WordPress plug-in or theme that you want from any source that you want.

You can monetize your blog by selling ads or using Google Adwords, or install a shopping cart into WordPress and make it into your own virtual storefront. There are thousands of plug-ins out there to choose from!

Step 1 – Think of a interesting and memorable Domain name.

Step 2 – Click the link to our sponsored web hosting.  Click Here

You select the


Step 3 – Select Register a domain or Transfer a Domain, type in the domain name that you want on the box and select Click to Continue.


Step 4 – If the Domain is available you receive a confirmation and Click to Continue again.


Step 5 – Confirm all your options and then click Add to cart.  You can select a quarterly or yearly billing cycle (the yearly fee is ONLY $20 a month PLUS a free domain)


Step 5b -Optional – You will only see this screen if you are transferring a domain. Click Update cart


 Step 5 – Confirm that your order is correct. Click Checkout.



You will be required to add your contact information and create an account.  This allows you to easily make updates to your account and contact Support if you run into any issues with your web space.



Step 7 – Click Complete Order.


You are now ready to start working on your WordPress Website!

Just for you from our awesome host, we are passing along a awesome promotion, when you order a new service with Hireahit.com and use the coupon code “10percent”  you will receive a 10% discount for the length of service with Hireihit.com.


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