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Go Green Initiatives Around the World and at Home

Go Green

The construction business goes through periods of change where certain materials become more popular and others seem to fade away. For example, linoleum used to be one of the most materials for home floors but not today. There are many green alternatives to linoleum. Businesses around the globe have been making strides to instill eco-friendly practices right into their mission statement. That’s the kind of change that can affect more than a community. It can be a movement to change society and even the world. There are a lot of initiatives in the tourism and travel industry that are really exciting as well. Recently some of these initiatives really sparked a conversation about what businesses can do in their own communities to make the world a better place.
The ESRI and NAVTEQ along with the City and County of San Francisco are working towards a new program that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This new project is also partnering with the Clinton Global initiative. ESRI is providing the Arc Logistics software, which will help San Francisco with its operations and reduce carbon footprints for the area. In addition, NAVTEQ will provide detailed map data, which will help to create more efficient routes. The information will help with determining traffic incidents, construction and road closures as well. This initiative is just one of many that the City of San Francisco is working on towards a greener environment.

The Go Green Initiative organization helps homes, businesses, organizations and schools with programs that create a new culture of conservation in their own communities. This culture of conservation is meant to spread throughout society and thus lead to the protection of natural resources and environmentally aware businesses. By building up community awareness, people are more apt to participate in eco-conscious programs and try responsible behavior towards the Earth.

The Marriott is arguably one of the largest hotel chains in the world. They have a considerable amount of resources and energy to save if they enact policies that are environmentally friendly. While it was just one initiative, The Marriott ordered recyclable and biodegradable key cards to replace all key cards in its hotels this past year. The new key cards saved about 60 tons of plastic that would have otherwise gone into landfills.

The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel has more than its fair share of guest rooms. There are millions of travelers to this bright city every year. However, they should take note of how this hotel is handling its guests. With a water saving program that reuses waste, solar panels for heating and low flowing toilets, the Palazzo has made a name for itself by earning the “Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America” award. The hotel has made considerable strides to change its policies and affect the community in a positive way by promoting eco-friendly business practices and self-sustaining facilities.

It is important for these trends to continue. Like in Nevada, where new green Las Vegas hotels continue to be built. Other businesses must embrace these programs.

Sam Marquit is an entrepreneurial independent contractor and home renovation/remodeling expert in New York. He’s made it a point to share with his readers a day in the life of sustainable building. Forecasting the possible application and implementation of new green building materials and technologies is just one small part of my effort to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint. You can find more articles from Sam at his website http://fmarquitv.tumblr.com/

Photo Credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video via Compfight cc

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