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Going Green Apartment Style

I want to start a series of articles on “Going Green” in an apartment.

I was feeling that there were so many more things that you could do if you owned your own house or property.  But really that was not the right attitude you can green up any where and every thing you decide to do will make a impact. All the small successes will add up to as you lighten your foot step. Now there is no doubt that many of the things that I find or that I do can be done any where you live.  The focus on apartments is for a couple reasons; many people are renting so overhauls are not allowed,  you can run into small space issues and I am currently living in an apartment. 🙂

Just start today with a couple of things that we were easily able to do just to take an extra step.

Cloth Shopping bags for all your grocery needs. It took us a while to remember to bring the bags with us, but now we have at least two bags in every back pack.  Once you make the decision and form the habit, you are set.

Cloth Vegetable bags. I bought mine at the local grocery store in the veggie department, they were a bit pricey.  You can also use mesh laundry bags, such as you might use for your delicate’s, these would be more affordable.  Heck you could even make them if you were handy.  Make sure the material is mesh and washable as often the veggies are damp.

More hints and tips to come!

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