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Gratitude + Sharing

My favourite time of the year!  Canadian Thanksgiving, American Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and I am sure there are more that I have forgotten.   And every one of them revolves around being grateful and sharing with others.

I really can not think of a better time to re-commit to our desire to encourage and demonstrate sharing.  We are soo so grateful for everything that we have, everything that we are free to do, all the abundance that swirls around us.  We have been quietly sharing for the last year.   Now we want to encourage your to join in with us.

There are so many really wonderful organizations that you can become involved in.  And there are many options as to who and how you can participate.

Where do you start?

Here in Canada all charities must register so there is a database, you can search and review them. For the CRA Database, click here In the states you can check out Charity Navigator, they have 5,000 charities in the US, and you can also check with the Better Business Bureau.

We are smart people we know that even a charity needs money to run, but when you are looking at which Charity you would like, look for ones where 75% or higher actually goes to the endeavor.

Or maybe you feel better about giving of your time rather than your money, do you want to volunteer, donations, etc?

Do you want to make this an ongoing or once a year challenge?

Do you want to participate with more than one?

The other side of the world or close to home?

Honestly there are so many choices out there and if you heart-felt intention is to share with others, the right one for you will come to you. And you will feel it, you will know!

What are we doing?

We have two organizations that we are involved with World Vision and Kiva. World Vision is an organization with a very high program rate, 80% of the moneys raised is sent to the people that need it the most.  Kiva, I am in alignment with supporting small businesses,. especially women run businesses improve.  And I am really liking some of the new initiatives.

World Vision:  World Vision is best known for their sponsor a child program, but I really enjoy the Gift Catalog. I was easily able to get my kids involved with the gifts, they were thrilled to buy a goat and some chickens.

Kiva: Kiva helps arrange or facilitate microloans for Small businesses around the world.  In this situation Kiva is providing funds for the micro-financing partner.


Kiva Zip, which is new and I am really liking the concept of, is person to person lending.


My goal for the next year

  • 12 Micro-Loans at
  • 10 Chickens for a Woman Through World Vision
  • Goat for a Woman Through World Vision


Well this might not be the direction that you feel is right for you, I HIGHLY encourage you to stop and take a few minutes and find what feels the best and then step into action!

Now is the perfect time to start sharing, while we are in the gratitude zone!

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