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Great Stationary Bike Workout, Build Muscle/tone Arms Too!

2532174708_4e316ecc4fI found a great Stationary bike workout that I am going to start using while I am resting up my foot.  I am also going to start with 20 minute workouts, and work up to 60 by adding 5 minutes each week.

Like all exercises that are good for you, the stationary bike can be very boring. Here’s a good 60 minute routine that will mix things up to keep you motivated. Go at your pace for as long as you can, building up to the full 60 minute workout. Intensity setting is 1 = weakest, 10 is same as going straight up a hill.
1. 5 minute warm-up at 75% max speed, 3 intensity.

2. 2 minutes 100% max speed, 3 intensity, seated.

3. 2 minutes 100% max speed, 5 intensity, out of seat

4. 1 minute 60% max speed, 2 intensity, seated.

5. Spend next 10 minutes “climbing a hill”. Start at 70% max speed, 6 intensity. Increase intensity by 1 every 2 minutes, continuing to go as fast as you can. You should be breathing heavy and have heavy legs when this is done. No rocket science here. Stand when you feel like standing, sit when you want to sit.

6. 2 minutes 60% max speed, 2 intensity, seated.

7. 7 minutes of “up and downs”. 70% max speed, 5 intensity. Spend 15 seconds in seat, then 15 standing. Mix this up doing 5 seconds each to 10, 20, etc..

8. 1 minute 60% max speed, 2 intensity, seated.

Repeat steps 2 through 7, then us the 5 minute warm up (1) as a cool down

Want to add some weight training/toning moves while riding the bike. It’s easy and really good for you plus adds intensity for more calorie burning.

1. Before getting on a bike, grab a light set of dumbbells.

2. Follow all steps as stated above.

3. During seated times, grab dumbbells. Sit straight up, keeping your back in an arched position.

4. Slowly curl weights using a 2-2 method (2 seconds up, 2 seconds down). Do as many reps as you can until you feel a good bicep burn, then set weights down and stand in ride for whatever designated time you need to release burn.

5. Sit back in seat, grab dumbbells and arch back again. This time, lift the dumbbells straight over your shoulders, palms facing each other. Using 3-1-1, bending at the elbow, and keeping your elbows in, lower the dumbbells as far as you can. Return to top. This is one rep. Continue until you feel a good burn, then set weights down and continue with above workout.

6. Next time you sit you have two options. You can grab dumbbells and do shoulder presses or go back to curls. If you do shoulder presses, then you go back to arm curls, followed by triceps extensions to shoulder presses.

To your health and mental wellness-
Rob Denny
Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer/former United States Marine

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  1. I guess after reading this post my cycling exercises will be more fruitful. I am glad that you shared.

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