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Green Transportation

We absolutely love where we live and one of those reasons is we are so close to all the things we need. We intentionally looked for an apartment that was close to shopping, bus routes and entertainment.

Transportation is one big way that you can make a lighter footstep, the less you drive the better for the environment and better for your health. We can walk or ride bike to work, groceries and dining. In our case we are also lucky to be a very short distance from the lake. Have to love living in BC.

mother daughter scooter
Photo by WhatDaveSees
When we need to venture further we just jump in the bus and make our way. This sometimes leads to a bit of preparation, to make sure we hit all the connections and etc. it is easily done. We plan to rent a car every 6-8 weeks to get away from the city or just load up on supplies at Costco.

Overall it costs a lot less money and we step lightly on a valuable resource… mother earth.

Try just walking or biking to work once a week, enjoy the satisfaction of going green.

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