How to Add a Subscription Form to your Header

This is an advanced technique and you should not attempt it if you do not feel comfortable with CSS or PHP.

From the Dashboard

Step 1 – Under Appearance, Click Editor

Step 2 – Click your Style sheet *this will usually be open and it is usually called style.css*

Step 3 – look for the Header section *most coders will use /*****Header***/ to mark the section *

Step 4 – Add the div.aweber { position: absolute; top: 100px; left: 830px; } *A.the position will change based on the width of your blog and any header graphics, you can change the px as required* B. you can change the name to div.anyname I used aweber as that is the subscription service I use*

Step 5 – Click Update File

Step 6 – Now click on Header usually called header.php

Step 7 – Look for the header div, in most cases it will look like this <div id=”header”>

Step 8 – Add the new div < div id=”aweber” > *take out the spaces

Step 9 – Now add your javascript or html code from aweber *you will create this code when creating your list, if you have already created the list, go to the web form tab*

Step 10 – Add a closing div < /div > *take out the spaces

This will work for any form as log as you have the script or html form. Just change the div name to match, it just makes it easier to find if you have to change in the future.

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