How to add audio and video players in WordPress

audio and video

audio and video

If you have been reading along for a couple of days now, you can see how I like to make things simple simple.  Why stress over stuff, let’s get to the basics and get stuff done!Audio and Video is no different, we are going to quickly walk through the different methods.

#1 Youtube Videos

Step 1.  Find your favorite video, Click Share and copy the link

youtube video embed

Step 2. Paste into you post or page, Publish.

Paste youtube link

Here’s what it looks like

youtube video

#2 Add your own Audio and Video

Note: you may have a size restriction for the files are you uploading, this depends on your webhosting company. A more advanced option is to use a cloud drive such as Amazon3.

Step 1.  Create or edit a post or page.


Step 2. Upload or Select a media file Audio or Video


video upload

Step 3.  Select  the attachment display settings, set this to Embed Media Player for both audio and video.


Finish your post/page and Publish

Here is what it looks like



I would love to see your audio and video posts, leave a comment below with your link.

Tomorrow’s post is Scheduling Posts and WP Scheduled Post, this is how I can easily do 31 straight days of posts!



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