How to add New Links

Sometimes called the “Blogroll” this is where you add links to external websites, friends, related websites etc.

As with other areas you can create categories for all your links, by default WordPress creates a category called “Blgoroll”.  You can change this and add as many as you like.

From the Dashboard

Step 1 – Under Links, Click Add New

Step 2 – Fill in the relevant info 🙂

  1. Name – This is what will appear in your list.
  2. Web Address – this is the actual URL to the website – this can be general to the home page or directly to a specific page.
  3. Description – this appears when you hover over the link, depending on the link, it can also appear on the sidebar
  4. Categories – you can select from existing categories
  5. Add New Category – you can create new categories on the fly
  6. Target – This allows you to decide how the link will open. *we recommend “_blank”  This will open the link in a new window and as well as leave your page open.
  7. Save – You can keep this private, only you will see that link when you are logged in.

Step 3 – Click Add Link (on right side)

You can edit any existing links by clicking  Edit under Links menu

You can also add new/update Link categories by clicking Categories under Links menu.

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