How to Discover your Passion?

Sometimes the simplest things we do have the most profound results.  Find a quite place, quiet your brain until you can hear your soul… and let your soul speak to you.

I like to do this over several days, some times I find it takes me a long time to wind down.  I am lucky enough to get to spend a week alone several times a year.  I ALWAYS use this time to reconnect with my inner voice.  Confirm that I am still happy with the direction I am going and nature myself.

One of my personal problems is that I just can’t relax until the dishes and vacuuming is done!  So I spend the first few hours of quiet, getting the house in order.

Then I start nurturing myself, either a work out and a shower or a sappy chick-flick (that I can cry to) and a bubble bath.   Often crying is the start of connecting… and then some sleep with no alarm.

Now I am ready to start thinking, meditating and journalling.   Try creating these lists and see how they feel to you!

1) Make a list of your favorite things
2) Think about the things you enjoy doing the most
3) Close your eyes, think about what you like doing the most when you were a child

Inspired Actions

Now you have a list of some possible passions, now what do you do?

Now is the time to try some on, see how they feel!  Do you get a cozy feeling, do you get a icky feeling, are you amped up?   Use your feelings guide what you will try first.

1) Visit your local library, do some research
2) Ask your co-workers and friends to join you testing out some activities, friends make the adventure more enjoyable, take turns doing things that each person would like to test out.
3) Write your passion on your To Do list, yes schedule it in your  day planner/calendar, if you don’t make it a priority who will?
4) Research the Internet, there is so much information available, books and articles to read, get advice from others
5) Take some classes and test some activities out, get your friends to take some classed with you, check out the local college for some Continuing Education Classes

Don’t rush, don’t worry.. just let your soul lead you to the right place, enjoy the experience of testing and trying things that delight you.  You really can’t get it wrong!

Have fun, even if you try something you totally dislike, you have a great story to tell!  Move on to the next thing.

How will you know when you find your passion?

When you lose track of time because you are having so much fun!

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