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How To Make A Sales Presentation That Consistently Closes The Deal

A lot of people resist selling because they said that they’re uncomfortable doing it. There is a huge problem, there is what we called the cultural hypnosis. It is the non-critical acceptance of an idea and there’s also a sigma on about being in sales. At certain times, ideas will come to us and we will accept them as the truth.

When people are in sales and they are delivering a presentation with a negative view on it, they are in a cultural hypnosis because they put hurdles up in front of them. So you have to remove that hurdle by re-framing what selling is. Most people think that selling is an arm twisting, selfish, high pressure manipulation etc. If you are in a sales business, you should sell from honesty, integrity and compassion. As Eric said, “It’s not about a hard sell, it’s about a heart sell.”

So try to embrace selling and become proud of being in sales because it’s an honorable profession. Learn how you can create a script that produces predictable results. Scripts consist of words in sequence that have meaning. It’s like if you are saying a sentence and it makes sense, that is a script.

For Eric, “Self scripting is putting together an effective presentation prior to delivering that presentation and anybody in the world can take whatever they are currently saying in their presentation.”

Interview from: http://www.hardtofindseminars.com/Eric_Lofholm_Interview.htm

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