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How to make Almond Milk

I have mentioned almond milk a couple of times, so I thought I would give you a quick “how to”


2 cups (spring) water
1/2 cup raw almonds
Pinch of salt
Few drops or half stick vanilla (optional)


  1. Soak raw almonds overnight in water. I usually take the skins off as well, you don’t need to.  The milk will be a darker colour if you leave the skin on.
  2. Drain  and rinse almonds
  3. Add everything into a blender, blend well.
  4. Pour the almond milk in the nut bag into a large bowl.
  5. Squeeze the bag to get all the milk.

I don’t normally drink it straight up 🙂  but you certainly can.  I use it most in smoothies and soups.  You can store for 2 days in the fridge (shake before drinking).

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