How to Manage Comments

Overview of how to Manage Comments

From the Dashboard

Right on the Dashboard you can see new and recent comments, if you hover over the comment a quick link menu appears you can click approve or trash etc..

From Comments Menu

Step 1 – Click Comment

The top menu lets you filter your comments by pending, approved, spam or trash.

Step 2 – Select the comment you want to approve

Step 3 – Click Bulk Actions and select the action you want to perform ie approve

Step 4 – Click Apply

You can select several or all on the page and apply the action to all selected.

From both screens you can edit the comments

Step 1 – Click Edit or Quick Edit

Step 2 – update comments

Step 3 – Click Update Comment

In theory you can change or delete any part of the comment, we don’t recommend that you do this.  You want to create interaction with your readers, if you are in the habit of editing comments, they will stop posting.

By all means though, delete or mark as spam any comments that are inappropriate!

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