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How to Overcome Self Doubt

Have you ever had that feeling of overwhelm or dread… that all the visions and plans for the future just will not materialize?

I think I can safely say that most of us have, certainly I have!  Sometimes it just feels like you are working and working and nothing is changing.

I am a firm believer in the Universal Law of Attraction. I know in my hear & soul that the Universe is EXCITED to fulfill all of our dreams.  But it can be hard to wait.  The Universe knows the right time, when we are ready, when it will be the highest good to complete the vision.

That still doesn’t make it any easier to wait and during those times of quietness, of waiting, of taking action where you do not physical see the results is frustrating.  You begin to feel those fears creep up, you start to doubt yourself and if you are even on the correct path….

First, I want to make something really clear….  we are human, we will have fears and doubt come through our lives.  That is OKAY.   The real test is how we deal with these feelings.

Here are some of the ways that I handle the feelings:

  1. Acknowledge your feelings – allow yourself some down time to feel the feelings, to ask yourself what is causing you to fee this way, spend some time in quiet meditation and journaling to really get to the bottom of it.
  2. Speak to a trusted adviser – many times I have found that I just can’t break through the funk on my own, support and advise is helpful.  Often just talking about the your feelings is enough to trigger “aahh” moments.
  3. Re-evaluate your vision and goals – I have done this several times, each time I do I come up with the exact SAME vision for my future.
  4. Read an inspiring book – Books never cease to inspire me! And I always find that I read just the right material at just the right time to move me forward in my personal growth.
  5. Share your vision – several weeks back I was feeling a little low, I am not a patient person and the waiting is hard 🙂  but I was sharing some of my vision and ideas for the future with some colleagues.  As I was sharing they were getting more and more excited about it, they thought the ideas were amazing.  Their excitement re-ignited my excitement, I could see again just how awesome my vision is.
  6. Keep taking action – Don’t forget that you need to keep moving forward with your positive actions, to show the universe that you are really serious about your vision.  Even if you just do 1 little thing each day, take the step!

I acknowledge that we all have ups and downs in life, that is just the way it is.  But moving past our lows is just a matter of prospective and reaction.   Change your thoughts and change your actions to any situation and you can succeed.

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