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How to Prep on a Budget

We all hope we’ll never have to face a disaster which forces us to either stay indoors for a while or leave our homes completely for a prolonged amount of time – however preparation is the key to survival in a disaster, but how to we prep if we’re on a budget?

Firstly you need to actually plan, because going out and buying lots of food and practical tools for survival can be expensive if you do it all at once.

You need to be fully aware of two types of disaster prep – one is bugging in which means you have to stay in or close to your home in a disaster and the other is called bugging out, and this means you leave your home to seek refuge in a safer location.

It’s not really fun to even think of these things but as you’ll know by watching the news, disaster can strike when you least expect it to.

The first thing you need when you plan is a list of both things you’ll need in a bug in situation and a bug out situation. Often times you’ll see that you’ll need the same things for both, such as water, food and ways to make heat.

There are various places on the internet that you can find lists of things, and depending on whether you have children or not you’ll need to think of extra things like extra diapers, formula milk and games.

Much of what you need can easily be found cheaply online or in thrift stores. EBay and Amazon are excellent places to go to get really good discounts on this that would otherwise be expensive in bricks and mortar store.

That said you can also get some crazy discounts in your local grocery stores and you want to be looking for things that buy-one-get-one-free or similar. You can never have enough food and drinkable liquids for home storage, so look for deals on noodles, pasta, rice and energy bars. Learn how to properly store and use all your food items, there is no sense spending any money on things that wont last.

In any type of disaster situation you’re going to need meds and first aid items. You can buy pre made first aid packs as well as buy vitamins in bulk on special offer days at your local drugstore or health food shop. You will most definitely need multi-vitamins if you’re eating a lot of canned goods.  Meds and Vitamins do have a shelf life, know and understand what that is, rotate the your supplies.

When it comes to more expensive items like crank radios and camping gear you should definitely try EBay. It’s important you read up on the sellers and their reviews. If you have favourite sellers you can save them to your account files for future reference.

If you’re thinking of asking people to buy some of your much needed survival goods you can set up a wish list on Amazon. Don’t be shy to do this because honestly, if something on their can make your life easier in a disaster then it’s not stupid to ask for it. Come birthday and Christmas time you could well get many of the items just from that wish list, and if anyone asks why you’d want them you can start the process of explaining why and hopefully they’ll understand how to prep too.

It’s easier to plan then impulse-buy when you’re prepping for a disaster, whilst on a budget. You may never need everything you buy, but it’s better to plan than be caught without things in a disaster situation.

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