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How to set up a Self Sustainability Group

If you’re interested in moving off the grid or at least living your life in a more self sustainable fashion I’d like to share some tips on how to set up a self sustainability group.

This is basically a group of people with the same idea of providing their own food and energy supply, as well as sharing skills on how to prosper without relying on services and the government.

It’s highly likely, without knowing it; you’re surrounded by people who actually want to live in a more sustained way.

If you want to set up a group in your local area then the best way to do it is place some flyers on local community boards like churches or college campuses.

As long as you have a place for you all to meet mutually and safely you should find you have a few people responding.

In your flyer you want to mention the benefits of joining a group like this. It really should benefit everyone. It’s very much a skill set swapping group for the purpose of development.

If you’re struggling to find a place to meet up then try your local church. You may have to make a donation to use the space but if they have their own garden area you can ask if you may use a plot to grow fruit and vegetables. Your donation for this would be vegetables and fruit for harvest time.

If this is not an option then you use your own home, but this would be entirely down to you. It’s always a worry if you are welcoming strangers to your home, but on the flip side if you know the people you’re inviting it’s not so much a worry.  Ideally you’d want to enough space to do practical things as well as talk.

If you’re on the internet you may want to join some groups and forums that specialize in self sustainability. You can find these by search Google.

Open up the conversation to invite people to help you start your group in your local area. Often times you’ll find that people are only too willing to share their skills.

When you plan your group you want to think of a regular agenda. This could include welcome time, special skill set activity time as well as practical work, i.e. how to build a simple solar panel.

From there you can all learn different skills and build upon them each week.

It’s important to allow new members to join if you can accommodate them in your place of meeting. New members bring more to the mix as can guest speakers who are willing to share more specialised skills and knowledge.

Getting a self sustainability group together is highly rewarding, especially in these uncertain times. Above all else it’s an excellent opportunity to meet new people who share the same mindset as you.

This is just a start and there are several groups that can help you with this like  There is some great information on their website.


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