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How to Stay on Track for Your Goals

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I think that everyone has a goal, a number of goals or the multitude of them. Goals help us to get in tune with what we want to do in our life and who we want to be. Goal setting is a powerful tool which helps us to get where we want to be. Everyone sets goals – for the New Year, the next month etc. But do we follow them? Sometimes we know what we want and what should be done for this…but somehow we get stuck. Lack of time, energy or motivation…I think everyone knows this situation.

Meanwhile, there are some tips which can make you to keep your goal in mind and certainly follow it until it comes true.

  1. Focus on one (or two) single goal. Maybe, you’re not satisfied with everything around you. But trying to change everything at once, you’ll end up failed and dissatisfied. When you have many goals, you waste the energy and don’t concentrate on any of them. You can pick several goals though, but only in the case they complement each other. For instance, if you want to start eating healthy, the goal of getting a good shape by working out will accomplish it perfectly.
  2. Divide the major goal on small ones. If your goal is big and can take years to come true, cut the long path to it into the sections, and focus on these intermediate goals. Thus, the progress won’t seem to you that slow. Reward yourself for accomplishing of each small goal to stay motivated.
  3. Take a look at your close surroundings. The people with whom we spend the most of our time influence our habits, manners of speaking and behaviour and even our thoughts and self-esteem! So, take a look at every person around you and ask yourself, “Do I want to have the same habits and pattern of thought?” If your answer is no, it’s not the best person to hang out with.
  4. Use the power of positive thinking. Maybe, you haven’t succeeded yet because you don’t believe that you can do it or think you don’t deserve it? It’s time for change. Believe that you can do it, that you will succeed. Be oriented on success, not on failure.
  5. Form the habits which will support your motion to the goal. If your goal is to write a novel, don’t wait for a mysterious muse. Find at least half of an hour in the evening for writing – just sit and start writing whatever you feel like. When you form the habit to write everyday and in any case, the achieving a writing goal will become easier.
  6. Track your progress and write down your achievements. When focused on the positive results, you feel uplifted as you realize you’ve already came a long way, and you won’t feel like stopping halfway. Writing down everything you achieved and learned (even if these results are small), you train your mind to be focused on success and don’t panic facing the circumstances any longer.
  7. Find the needed support. Even those of us who are pretty confident, are sometimes in the need of somebody who would encourage you to getting what you want and help to cope with difficulties. Share your goals with your friends or those who share your views. If there are many positive and kind people who wish you accomplishing your goals, you’ll be surprised how easy the way to it is.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a marketing specialist and a writer. She is a versatile person with many hobbies and interest, including dancing, reading and self-development. Contact with Melisa: Google+|essay writer.

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