How to Update WordPress to 3.8

Backups First!

For each and every WordPress update you should follow a few simple steps to safeguard your website.

  1. BACKUP FIRST:  create a backup of your WordPress Website – We normally use WordPress Database Backup because our web hosting company rocks and they do server backups, we can recover any files on the server.   If you don’t have this feature with your hosting company that I would recommend BackUpWordPress.
  2. Update WordPress:  Click the link on the top of the dashboard that says WordPress update is ready.WordPress Update is ready
  3. Update Your Plugins: Most plugins will be ready for the update, some of them you need to wait a few days while they are getting things ready, check back in a week or so.
  4. Test, Test, Test – Check your pages, posts, contact forms, Dashboard and everything in between.

A good Web Hosting company is worth their weight in gold, take the time to ensure that they have the support that you will need.   I always recommend a Managed WordPress hosting provider.  I feel that they go the extra mile to ensure that your website and your installation of WordPress is working properly.  We recommend Hire A Hit


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