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How To Use People’s Unconscious Decision Making Process To Make The Sale

If you are trying to elicit somebody’s strategy, you need to establish rapport with the person. So you have to take them from where they are right now and put them back into other moments in time or the specific state of buying. Once you’ve established this initial rapport, we now want to get the person into the frame of mind or frame the entire conversation because it’s really, really, important.

What you’re going to find is that as you are asking people what’s important to them, they will start telling you. Now they will feel this real connection to you. Motivational keys are the unconscious things that cause you to take action.

This actually takes a bit of practice. Just start off in your normal everyday life and start getting good at just eliciting some of this buying strategy. For example, you walk up to somebody and say “I like your watch, how did you decide to buy that watch?” They will give you their buying strategy for the watch and then feed it back to them and then you ask questions.

Now if you are trying to set an appointment through phone, the first thing you have to do is the framing. You can say, “I’m just doing a survey, do you mind is I ask you three quick questions?” If they said no, that’s fine. But if they said yes, it’s really easy to ask them questions. You really have to come up with three really good questions then segway people into that whole,  “Gees, “this would be something I would be interested in sitting down and talking about”.

Interview from: http://www.hardtofindseminars.com/Buying_Behavior.htm

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