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How to Write Your Elevator Speech: Your Unique Message to the World

How to Write Your Elevator Speech for Your USP


Another get together with your friends or family …. and you hear the question,  What are you doing again?  You sigh a little in frustration and then dive into this long winded explanation and after about 90 secs the eyes glaze over and no one is home.   Have you ever had that happen?   or you say something short and sweet like Cranial Sacral massage and you can actually see the question mark pop into existence above their head.

They don’t want to hear a 15 minute speech on your business. They don’t even want to hear more than a couple minutes. You need to grab their attention in less than a minute.  You need to have a one minute or less blub prepared that explains exactly what problem you solve for your clients. This is commonly referred to as an elevator speech or Unique Selling Proposition or unique market proposition or  as I like to say your Own Passionate message.  The idea of course is that you can tell someone your message in the space of a short elevator ride. After that, you will hopefully get into a deeper discussion where you can example a little more about it.

Here are the main steps to creating your elevator speech:

1. Outline: What do you do?
What are the key points of your unique points? What’s different about you compared to your competitors? Write these down in a simple bullet point format. Then cut out irrelevant words and explanations. what are you offering?

2. Whom do I do it for?
It is very important that you are 100% clear about who you are marketing to.  Who do you enjoy working? Who will have the best results working with you? Who really needs your service?  Clearing write who you ideal client would be.

3. What problem are you solving?
Helping people visualize or feel a problem is an important part of people understanding your message. It’s why people buy. For example,”I provide ready-made solutions for people that don’t have time to write”. This doesn’t tell someone exactly what you do, but it intrigues them enough to want to learn more.

4. What are the results?
Focus on your key benefits of what you are selling. For example, “By writing the articles for them, I free up their time to focus on other parts of their business”. It summarizes of why your solution actually works. It shouldn’t give a person all the details of your business. Instead, it should create an opening for more questions from the other person. In other words, it’s a way to get a discussion going.

4. Put it all together
Now that you’ve written the basics of your elevator speech, it’s time to put it all together. Practice saying it out loud and add other details to make your speech sound natural. Try it out on someone else and get their feedback and reaction. Don’t forget to time yourself to make sure your “little” speech doesn’t take more than about a minute. Finally, take the time revise and revisit your elevator speech frequently, especially as your business changes.  Your business will always be changing and evolving as you do, so ensure that you are re-visiting your message at least once a year or more.

Let’s put it into action so that you can see just who easy it can be.

Let’s use our Cranial Sacral massage example:

1. What do you do?

Cranial Sacral massage

2. Who to you do it for?

Women 50+

3. What is the problem you are solving?

headaches/migraines, neck pain and jaw pain

4. What are the results?

Freedom from headaches and neck tension

5. Put it all together

I help women over 50 find freedom from migraines.

Bonus step:  Let’s make it JUICY & SEXY! really get people excited about it.

Imagine this:  You are milling around a neighbourhood BBQ, you have a drink in your hand and you are enjoying the bright sunny day.  Jane from day the street comes over with her friend Sally from across town.   Jane introduces you to Sally and you all start chatting.  Sally’s first question is ….  Nicole, what do you do?   A smile comes over you face… 1) you are passionate about what you do and 2) you are prepared.   You start:  Sally, do you know what is feels like when you in the middle of that big important presentation with a big client, you have been working on this for weeks and you have been stressing about making sure it is going perfectly and then you feel it starting, that tension migraine, the one that hits you like a ton of bricks and inevitably sends you running for a dark room and some strong drugs?  Have you had that before?  Sally is nodding almost wincing with just the thought of the pain.  You continue…  I help women find relief from those kinds of tension migraines.

At this point, Sally wants to know more and she is ready and willing to listen to your longer explanation of what Cranial Sacral massage is, how it works and what other benefits you can receive.

I like using this “storytelling” approach, it allows you to adapt your story to meet the situation.  For example, this could be a 8 yr olds birthday party… you could easily tell related to a mom’s tension headaches after trying to control a dozen 8 yr olds.  You show that you understand your clients and what their needs are.   In the story above, maybe Sally doesn’t have those kinds of headaches, but maybe a co-worker does or her sister/mother.  Either way you have shared a story that is empathic and authentic to your potential clients.

Creating your own individual elevator speech is far more important than most people realize.  It is something that can give you extra confidence when walking into a room of potential clients or people who know a potential client.

I have added two really great documents that can help you get started!

1. Creating Your Own Passionate Message

2. Follow up to the Passionate Message


I would love to hear the elevator speech that you have or come up with after following this process.  Leave a note below in the comments.

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