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If nobody loves you Create the Demand

Great title!  It is the latest book I have read… by Joel A. Freeman

Now at the end of the book there some seal coaching questions… so I thought I would go through some of them and answer them here. I am not going to do them all though that would be much too long.

The book itself is pretty good, mostly concentrating on your mindset.

Q: What contributes to your current life Success?

A: Determination and support of my loved ones.

Q: What part does gratitude play in your daily actions and thoughts?

A: As often as I can I acknowledge my gratitude to the universe for all the amazing things in my life.

Q: At your core level of your soul what are you trying to accomplish in your life?

A: Soul level…. leave the world a better place because I was here

Q: Are you Happy with your current lifestyle?  Why or why not?

A: Happy and grateful for my the life I have now!   As Joe Vitale puts it… I am grateful with what I have, but I want more 🙂

Q: What do you do to renew or regenerate yourself?

A: every couple of months, I do a “spa day” sleeping in, taking care of me and spending time alone.

Q: What is your vision of yourself 5-10 years from now?

A: The short version of this is a highly successful multi-million dollar business!

Q: List two ideas that excite and motivate you?

A: Eco-Spiritual … a combination of spiritual fulfillment and earth preservation.

Q:What kind of work is play for you?

A: teaching & training

Q: What is the core purpose of your life?

A: teach others to follow their soul purpose

These are just a few of the thought provoking questions in the book 🙂

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