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In this very moment

The book I was reading/studying this week is “in this very moment a simple guide to Zen Buddhism” by James Ishmael Ford.

While the book is not specifically about “minimalism” it is about “simplicity”. As I was saying on Facebook this week.  I am feeling more and more that minimalism is not just about the physical clutter, but also the emotional clutter we carry in our lives.   I feel a big part of our lives is about nourishing our spirit.  Whatever spiritual path you follow, I believe it is very important to a holistic earth experience.

I have read this book before and I have to say that I was overwhelmed by the amount of new information that was shown to me this time.  I intend on reading the book again in a year or so and see what other valuable insights I can gather.

I have been interested in Zen Buddhism specifically for quite some time, but I can definitely say it was superficial. I liked the idea of minimalism interior decorating, I liked the idea of personal quiet retreats, I liked the idea of a code of ethics in the eight fold noble way.  I like the idea that you are always in search of your inner wisdom. I like the fact that an ordinary man like Gautama Siddhartha was able to find this wisdom. So began my study.

The first few chapters of the book go into the history of Buddhism and the movement from east to west and how this movement has evolved into Zen Buddhism.  I freely admit it is not something I understand at this point, but it is nothing I am concerned with either.

I was most interested in the concept of “finding enlightenment” is really a journey within to your essential nature through meditation. I like this concept… I like the idea that we are already “enlightened” we just don’t know how to access the depth of knowledge we have.  And the disciplined practice of meditation is the pathway to this knowledge.

The book includes some basic instructions on the best posture and practices, it stresses the importance of find a mentor and a community to help support you through your practice.

The next concept I found speaking to me was “nothing“, what is nothing.  It is like one of those “aha” moments that you hear Oprah talking about.   It is realizing that everything is in nothing, that if you are focusing on living in the moment you do not need anything.   This nothing is every possibility you can imagine. Somethings stopping to allow the nothing will allow you to see the world!

In this very moment …. there is nothing and everything, live in the moment.

I am very much looking forward to growing my knowledge and experience in this area.   For now though, I am off to my meditation!

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