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Increase Email Open Rates, Readership and Responses

Email is a great way to communicate your business’s message. People just don’t realize how easy it is to set up, facilitate, and manage an email marketing campaign. Creating content for email can be intimidating. We start with a blank page and sometimes it’s difficult to come up with the first couple of sentences.

You can browse through your send file to find good content. You may find questions that you answer over and over again. Chances are that a lot of people are asking the same questions. One of the most effective ways to create an email campaign is to place the question that people ask you the most often in the subject line. You should write one to two sentence introductions then write the question again along with the answer, and then sign it. You should also not forget to include a link to your website, especially if there’s a call to action.

“Relevance” is one of the most important concepts of email marketing. Whatever you send out needs to correspond to the subject that caused your prospect to sign up. Writing a subject line is partly science and partly art. You need to learn what works best for your business. Monitoring your email response will educate you about any questions, concerns, or objections people may have about purchasing from you.

For some small businesses it can be beneficial to have branding elements like logos that help to reinforce the content of your message. People want information, and they want to know if your product does exactly what they need. Including pictures may be helpful if your business is about selling products.

Your opt-in forms should be on as many pages of your website as possible. You can have a page dedicated to sign ups where you make the case for why somebody should subscribe. But you need to make sure to answer people’s questions on your sign-up page. People need a reason to subscribe. It may cost money to join, but it costs the prospect some time. So you’d better make sure that you’re giving them something  valuable for that time.

When you begin a campaign, your content should be focused around educating people and developing trust. It’s also important that people who do segregated email marketing check their stats to see who’s clicking where, and what they think is useful.

Interview from: http://www.writewaysolutions.com/blog/1560/how-to-increase-e-mail-open-rates-readership-and-responses/

4 thoughts on “Increase Email Open Rates, Readership and Responses

  1. Lori this is a really well written post.

    I love how you broke down a piece of email marketing into a science.

    I have never thought about “relevance” in the manner that you explained it. My mind is blown :).

    1. Thanks Izzy, one of the reasons I like using aweber, I can see which subject lines have the best open rates and use the model again and again. As well as adding in some tests to see how changing it up works – testing testing testing

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