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Coach Laura is doing it again! – Great Mothers Day Gift to really show the women in your life how much you appreciate them!

If you are a (or know a) woman who wants to experience joy and power that will ease your struggles, manifest your dreams, create magical relationships and dissolve stress, then check out Coach Laura’s cards now at http://www.FemininePowerMovement.com. This wisdom will revolutionize your world.

My friend and colleague, Master Leadership Coach, Laura Rubinstein offers this perfect gift designed to honor and acknowledge the special women in your life (spouse, mother, grandmother, girlfriend, aunt, sister, etc)… Be sure to treat yourself too.

The “Feminine Power Cards” give nuggets of wisdom and practical coaching to integrate feminine power in a woman’s everyday life. http://www.FemininePowerMovement.com

To celebrate women and their wisdom, Coach Laura has gathered some treats from other authors and friends to provide you with bonus gifts to accompany your purchase of the “Feminine Power Cards“.

Go here right now and get the details and receive your bonus gifts:


John Gray, PhD and author of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” gave the “Feminine Power Cards” a huge endorsement: “I love Coach Laura’s Cards. They are like having your own relationship coach in your pocket.”

P.S. In addition to the hundreds of dollars of Bonus Gifts from Feminine Power Leaders around the world, you receive free membership to Coach Laura’s Club Joy where you will connect with like-minded women and get inspired!  http://www.FemininePowerMovement.com

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