Interview: Dr Ann Gatty

Welcome to a new Foundation Coaching Resources series, Interviews with Inspirational Divas

This week we are interviewing Ann Gatty, author of the very awesome book “Discovering God’s Recipe for a Health Body, Heart & Soul.”

Uncover clear and simple strategies for eating well and feeling great in Discovering God’s Recipe for a Healthy Body, Heart, and Soul. In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Ann Nickerson Gatty offers insights into:

• finding balance in life
• setting dietary goals
• exercising
• maintaining a healthy lifestyle

FCG: Why are you so passionate about stress management?

ANG: Stress can be a barrier that holds us back from reaching our full potential.  In our daily lives, we are inundated by demands from work, home and family.  I love working with people to design their own stress management strategies that allow them to take control of their lives.  People hold so much potential in this world, I hate to see it destroyed by stress.

FCG: Why did you decide you wanted to be a mentor to other women?

ANG:Women have unique demands between taking care of themselves and others.  There is not enough assistance available to women, specifically addressing balance between professional and personal lives.  From my own personal experiences, I have much in common with women in the workforce today.  I enjoy being able to use this perspective to help them organize their lives so that they are comfortable with their life balance and in control of their own destinies.

FCG: Describe Discovering God’s Recipe for a Healthy Body, Heart, & Soul.

ANG: I wrote this book to help women find ways to take care of themselves as they take care of others.  Throughout the book, women will discover the importance of goal setting, planning strategies and biblical nutrition.  I explain the health benefits of eating well, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Finding a balance in life is very possible and rewarding, but it takes practice.  Through this simple six-week self-guided program, you will reduce your stress level, turn up your energy level and have time to enjoy God’s world around you.

FCG: What is your favorite strategy for finding balance?

ANG: I have developed a three step strategy for women to find balance in their lives.

Step One. Identify your life stressors that act as barriers

Design solutions to help reduce the stress and gain perspective about yourself and your situation

Step Two. Use your talents and skills to work for you.

Take control of your life by focusing on your strengths and eliminating the negative emotional triggers in your life. You may need to boost time management, goal setting and organizational skills to gain that sense of control.

Step Three. Create a More Balanced Life.

Discover how to enjoy the different stages in your life and follow your passion to achieve what you have always wanted to achieve.

Ann N. Gatty

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